Expancel microspheres

"Budhim" LLC became the official supplier to Ukraine of Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB company on Expancel®  products.

Expancel microspheres is a multi-performance additive that can provide a number of benefits, including cost reduction, surface modification, compressibility, insulation and low density. What is valuable for you depends on your product and what you want to achieve.

We continuously develop new areas of applications. On our own or together with our customers. Today, major areas include injection molded PVC soles for footwear, printing ink and paint. Other usage areas are paper and board, cultured marble, and autobody and boat fillers.

икросферы Expancel могут обеспечить ряд преимуществ: 

Cost reduction:

The weight will be reduced even at very small dosages of the microspheres. This will give: 

  1. Low cost per volume.
  2. Reduced freight cost.
  3. Less discarded products due to improved quality.
  4. Possibility to use less of other raw material.

Low density:

Expancel can be expanded to an incredibly low density.  

Expancel DE is a lightweight filler that can be used in a great number of different products. When you use expanded Expancel the weight will be reduced even at very small dosages of the microspheres. This will also give: 

  1. Reduced freight cost.
  2. Reduced installation cost.
  3. Reduced risk of breakage.

Surface modification

Glance at a painted ceiling, a wallpaper or an artificial leather handbag. This will give you an idea of what Expancel can do for your product. 

Characteristics include:

  1. Matt surface appearance
  2. 3D effects
  3. Anti-slip properties
  4. Soft touch


Thermal insulation is about minimizing heat transfer. Vacuum is the best insulation there is. Different gases are also very good. This is the reason that introducing voids in a matrix improves the insulation properties. A very controlled way of introducing voids in a matrix is to add Expancel. They also scatter light efficiently which makes the absorption of sunlight smaller.

In underbody coatings the reduced density makes it possible to reduce the weight of the coating while maintaining the coating thickness and the insulation capabilities.


If you squeeze an expanded microsphere, it buckles. Let it go and it recovers. The high resiliency of the microspheres means they can withstand several cycles of loading/unloading without breaking. This makes them highly suitable for use in chock absorbent materials and in applications where the microspheres are pumped.

Concrete will have a very good frost resistance when Expancel WE is added. Adding Expancel DE to a sealant reduces the weight and retains the elasticity. If you add a very small amount of Expancel, it improves the thermal shock resistance of a cultured marble bathtub.

Other benefits:
There are many more benefits that can be had. Depending on the nature of your product internal pressureclosed cells or a porous structure are examples of properties that are introduced by Expancel microspheres.


Applications areas



Coatings  paintreflective coatingsprinting inkartificial leatherleather finishing and crack fillers.


Plastics thermoplastic applications and thermoplastic processing, like injection molding.

Paper and Board

Technical textiles and nonwovens

Underbody coatings and sealants

Other application, Modeling clay is for example a special application where Expancel improves the end product.

Improve yours products with ours Expancel!

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