Development of dry mixes formulations

Our team of professionals is ready to work on the development of formulations based on your chemical raw materials with the use of redispersible polumer powder ELOTEX, and/or cellulose ethers Bermocoll with further adjustment of technical processes and  launching the production of commercial volumes.

Development of dry mixes formulations based on ELOTEX and BERMOCOLL
1) ceramic tile adhesive
2) tile adhesive C1T
3) tile adhesive C2T
4) tile adhesive C2TE
5) adhesive plaster  for polystyrene foam plates
6) cement leveling plaster up to 3 cm
7) leveling water-proof plaster up to 0.5 cm
8) one-component waterproofing cement-based composition 
9) two-component elastic waterproofing cement-based composition 
10) starting cement skim coat up to 0.4 cm
11) cement-based finishing skim coat (white, gray), 
12) gypsum finishing skim coat
13) gypsum finishing skim coat to seal joints of gypsum board
14) professional gypsum skim coat for sealing cracks and preparing the walls for painting
15) repairing cement composition (easy and quick repair of concrete)
16) acrylic sealant