ELOTEX® Redispersible Polymer Powder

Celanese is one of the world’s top producers of redispersible polymer powders and specialty additives. Their branded products we supply are ELOTEX® redispersible powders for modern dry mix mortars.

Application areas of redispersible powders:
Elotex redispersible powders for tile adhesives and grouts deliver high adhesive strength, high sag resistance and very good working properties.
Elotex redispersible powders for self-leveling floor compounds, flooring and screed systems, deliver excellent rheology and workability, and optimal self-smoothing properties.
Elotex redispersible powders for sealing systems with hydrophobic and water-resistant properties deliver long-lasting effectiveness.
Elotex redispersible powders for cement, lime and gypsum plasters deliver a high yield, excellent smoothability and increased strength for interior and exterior applications.

Elotex redispersible powders for (S)PCC mortar, repair mortar as well as structural and non-structural concrete applications meet those requirements.

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