Anti-Efflorescence Additives

Efflorescence is light gray gray and white spots on brickwork, masonry, concrete, stucco exterior facade. They are formed due to the presence of soluble salts in the concrete. These salts are absorbed by the building material and drying the capillaries and appear on the surface as a salt efflorescence, which impairs the aesthetic appearance of the exterior walls and causes premature failure of buildings by reducing the durability of structures.

To solve this problem, we propose the following antivysolnye supplements: ERA100, ERA200, SEAL712.
Efflorescence supplements 
ELOTEX® are redispersible powder additives designed to eliminate primary efflorescence in stuccos, tile grouts, skim coats, cement powder paints and other cement-based mortar systems.
Efflorescence supplements work forming microscopic particles that seal the pores in mortars, so the chemicals that cause efflorescence are prevented from migrating to the surface. This provides a clean, bright, unblemished architectural surface.
A highly active, resin-based anti-efflorescence compound 
ELOTEX® exhibits good mixing properties, is compatible with other additives, and has no detrimental effects on working properties. When cured, ELOTEX® ERA100 eliminates or drastically reduces the occurrence of primary efflorescence and increases water repellency.

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