Bermocoll PAD 1 cellulose ether



BERMOCOLL PAD 1 is a polystyrene-adhesion enhancing cellulose ether based on

a modified ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose.


BERMOCOLL PAD 1 is especially recommended for cement based ETICS adhesive

mortars which are used to fix all kind of polystyrene boards to the building surface.


BERMOCOLL PAD 1 works as a multifunctional additive combining the water

retention properties of a cellulose ether for the fresh mortar workability plus a new

anchor technology, which results in strong micro-scale intergrowth of cement

hydrates into the polystyrene surface.


BERMOCOLL PAD 1 ensures at economical dosage outstanding dry and wet adhesion on polystyrene insulation boards made of

• Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

• Grey EPS (graphite particle treated EPS)

• Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)


BERMOCOLL PAD 1 is recommended for adhesive mortar It does not provide

flexibility like a redispersible polymer powder.


Technical Specifications

Composition: Modified ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose

Appearance: whitish powder

Odour: neutral

Bulk Density: 400 – 600 g/l

Particle size: 98 % < 500 μm

Residual Moisture: max 4 %

pH-value: neutral at 1% solution

Viscosity at 20°C: 3,000 – 5,000 mPa.s (Brookfield LV) 2 % solution

Storage Stability: 12 month


Guidelines for use


Powder Processing

BERMOCOLL PAD 1 can be mixed with other additives in all standard compulsory

type mixers to produce cement based ETICS adhesive mortars in powder form.

BERMOCOLL PAD 1 provides excellent and rapid homogenization without irritating

dust formation. Major temperature increases due to high shear forces should be

avoided. Depending on the properties of the other additives and mixer, the standard

mixing time will be in a range of approx. 1 to 5 minutes.


Dosage and Mixing

Typical dosages of BERMOCOLL PAD 1 is about 0,4 wt% on total dry formulation.

BERMOCOLL PAD 1 combines 2 functions: water retention properties of a cellulose

ether plus a new anchor technology for polystyrene surfaces.

In case of optimising an existing ETICS adhesive mortar, it is recommended to take

out the current cellulose ether and redispersible polymer powder.

In case of rheology optimizing and mixing water demand, we recommend to optimize

the cement amount and or filler composition.



Mortars containing BERMOCOLL PAD 1 can be flexibilized with additional

redispersible polymer powder. BERMOCOLL PAD 1 modified adhesive mortars can

be also used for mineral wool (MW) insulation boards

We do not recommend BERMOCOLL PAD 1 for rigid polyurethane (PUR) and

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board adhesive mortars.



• Excellent adhesion to polystyrene

(after dry and wet exposure)

• Allows to optimize formulation costs

• Easy handling; only one additive

(Cellulose ether and adhesive function)

• Proper fresh mortar consistency


Recommended Applications

• Cementitous ETICS adhesive mortar

• Cementitous EPS beads insulation plaster

• Cementitious Polystyrene adhesive mortar


Functions delivered by BERMOCOLL PAD 1

• Workability

• Consistency

• Water retention

• Adhesion to polystyrene


Quality, Safety and Environment

Bermocoll powders are non-toxic and are unclassified according to Regulation 88/379/EEC.

We recommend all individuals using Bermocoll powder, or coming in contact with it, to observe the separate Safety Data Sheets. Our safety specialists will be pleased to advise you regarding safety, health and environmental issues of our products.


AkzoNobel Performance Additives has been certified according to DIN EN ISO9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.


Packaging, Storage and Handling

Standard packaging: 20 kg paper sacks with polyethylene liners.

Store in original packaging.

As a basic rule it is recommended to store Bermocoll powders in a dry location at temperatures

below 25°C and to process within twelve months after receipt of the delivery. Sacks that are stored under pressure, at increased temperature, damaged or left open for an extended period, increase the risk of caking of the powder.


At the temperatures above 250°C (480°F), charring of BERMOCOLL PAD 1 will occur. At high

temperatures and in contact with an open flame, BERMOCOLL PAD 1 will burn slowly with the

characteristics of cellulose.


Product Liability

The above information and recommendations are based upon our experience and are offered merely for advice. They do not absolve the consumer from making his own tests. Bermocoll,

their representatives or distributor organizations have no control over the conditions under which Bermocoll powders and are transported, stored, handled or used. Responsibility for damage

arising from the use of our products cannot be derived from the recommendations given. The observance of any intellectual property rights of third parties is the responsibility of the

consumer in each case.

Technical information may not be passed on to any third party without our previous consent.


Test Results





100% polystyrene pull off after dry and wet storage with 0,4% BERMOCOLL PAD 1


Other Information

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